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Industries and supplies from Jawa Timur


Jawa Timur is geographically located in the central Indonesian archipelago, some people previously often called it belly (stomach). Encourage natural beauty of Jawa Timur as a tourist destination in Indonesia and worldwide.

Indonesia has a very diverse culture because it consists of a vast archipelago, and Indochina marriage mixing with Polynesian, called Austronesian, and the influence of Islamic culture from the Middle East and Hindu culture from India to form a very rich cultural treasures.

However, among about 3000 islands in Indonesia, Jawa Timur is only currently best known by foreign tourists. This situation which encourages
Jawa Timur once again as a showroom for all genuine products from all over Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the suppliers of handicraft very diverse and beautiful, high quality garment suppliers, suppliers of tropical plants and life tropical fish, tuna fish suppliers and seafood, around indonesian furniture product, mineral product and renewable tropical forest productions.

Jawa Timur fame also encouraged a group of people to settle in Jawa Timur to build the property or transferring the property to Jawa Timur.

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