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Service & Support


1. Export
    By Sea Service :Full Container Loaded FCL (20’, 40’, 40’HC)
    Less Container Loaded LCL (Consolidation System)
    River Container (perishable cargo, meat, vegetable etc.)
    Land transport (trailer truck delivery of container)
    Break Bulk Cargo

By Air Service :

 We are able to handle :

    General cargo (clothing,handicraft,personal effect,etc), which is not time sensitive. Our team will route the cargo to be moved via major gateways.
    Perishable (fruit,vegetable,meats),which is time sensitive,and it iwll be taken care by our team to ensure the arrival to be on time
    AVI: live animal, named it your beloved pets,live tropical fish,live edible fish for restaurants,etc.Late cut of time and fastest flight connection
    Heavy and big cargo (machines,vehicles,ect)
    IT traking to ensure all shipment are visible and transparent at all time
    Door to door service,using our worldwide parnertship
    Our contrat rate with major airlines flying to Bali giving us a more competitive rates for your big tonnage and regular shipment.
    Pallet System
    Container L.D. System
    Break Bulk System
    Any cargo able to handle : General Cargo (General package, painted woody, etc),
    Perishable Cargo (fruit, fish, vegetable, meat etc),
    Live Cargo (fish, pigs, dogs, animal,etc),
    Courier (documents, small packages)

2. Import
By Sea and Air Service :

    General Import for customs clearance
    Exhibition, conference equipment Import to be re-Exported
    Personal belongings
    In bound & Out bound customs brokers
    All other customs clearance import
    Clearance and delivery support cargo to the shipper and unloaded cargo
    Prepare storage facilities as request by importer

3. Domestic Cargo

    Handle port to port and door to door cargo
    By Air, Sea and Land transport domestic
    Agreed of Domestic Airlines (Batavia & Lion Air)

4. Documentation

    Export Document Preparation
    Commercial Invoice and packing list
    Certificate of Origin process
    Export license for garment
    Health of Sanitary certificate process
    Quarantine certificate process
    Fumigation certificate process
    Bill of Lading Shipping Line process
    Air Way Bill airline process
    Customs document process

5. Pick, Pack, Storage, Loading/Unloading – Delivery

    Pickup cargo
    Packaging standard follows ISPM 15 procedure
    International standard warehousing
    All size truck box carry pick-up
    Operational with standard facility (forklift, hand loader, etc)
    Process stuffing/loading cargo with the precise job
    Provide delivery cargo in any pick and order controlled supervision
    Storage customs by code of space

6. Cold Storage

    Located in Airport Domestic area
    Able to storage (vegetable, meat, chocolate, fruits etc) under -05° C
    Area of 118.08 m2
    Capacities of 295.20 m3/62 ton
    Temperature (max) -5°C
    Length = 16.40 m ; Wide = 7.2 m ; High = 2.5 m
    Price to offer : USD 0,10/kg/day – less 500 kg ; USD 0,07/kg/day – 500 kg up
    Excluding Customs clearance Fee for Import (BC 1.2) ; PPN (VAT) 10% ; Handling Fee

7. Buying Agent

    Merchandise reordering & distribution
    Buy and assist merchandise order
    Quality Control
    Process payment order